About Us

Our law practice, with offices in Novi Sad at Polita Desančića street, no. 1a, was established in 1991.

The office brings together a dynamic and successful team of attorneys and associates, whose distinguishing mark is their efficiency and dedication in protecting the interests of their clients, coupled with a professional and reliable approach that seeks to quickly resolve all legal matters to a high standard.

Our team consists of attorneys trained and specialised through years of experience gained in our office since their trainee days, who have constantly honed, improved and enriched their practice, with regular meetings and analysis of their work on cases, current regulations and court practice.

In addition to attorneys, support is provided to our office by trainee attorneys and associates, who are constantly undergoing training and increasing their knowledge.

We offer legal and consulting services in all areas of law: commercial, civil, criminal, administrative, constitutional and misdemeanour law.

The law office works with a great number of legal experts in a variety of fields such as tax law, accounting and auditing, construction and property, transport and medicine, as well as with the relevant institutions.